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The majority of the public right now thinks chiropractic is about what?
Therefore the majority of the public only see a chiropractor for relief care and once their pain is gone...THEY ARE GONE!

In order to have something different...you need to do something different.

Shift the paradigm that chiropractic is about so much more than just neck and low back pain not only in the minds of your current practice members but also the minds of the people in your community.

If you want to create a lifetime wellness based practice you need to consistently educate your patients with the TRUTH of chiropractic when they are IN the office BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY when they are OUT of the office.Why? Because your patients spend more time out of your office then in.

We have to copy BIG PHARMA. Big pharma has the public believing that medication is the solution to their health problems because they have gotten into the public's mind EVERYDAY! TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, news and on and on.

You obviously don't have a billion dollar ad campaign that they do BUT you do have something even better. You have access to them in person but also through social media, through email and through texting while they are away from your office. These are all highly effective ways to get into your patients heads about the TRUTH of chiropractic.

This is exactly what I did in taking my pain based, high stress, high turnover, high overhead, low PVA, low profit margin practice to a lifetime wellness based, high PVA (100+), low stress, low overhead, high profit margin, FUN, MORE IMPACTFUL practice! And I did it by copying big pharma, by shifting the paradigm through a series of very successful, systematic, consistent and persistent strategies. .

Along with my wife Tina, we developed a system to consistently educate our patients with the TRUTH of chiropractic in variety of ways, and within 6 months I went from 0-500 Patient Visits a week and my PVA is now well over 100+ and I am no longer accepting new patients.

We are now helping other Docs do the same through our TRUCHIRO Truth of Chiropractic Automated Patient Education System

TRUCHIRO TRUTH of Chiropractic Automated Patient Education System

Our TRUTH of Chiropractic Automated Patient Education System is a game changer and the best part is, we do all the work for you!

Our Patient Education System includes:

  • 2 texts a week sent to your following that appear as they are coming directly from YOU.
    • Patients LOVE these and we have a 95% open rate!
    • Monday's text is more inspirational in nature and is intended to start their week off right
    • Thursday's text is more educational, sharing the TRUTH of chiropractic.
    • Texts include videos, links to research, blogs we write and information that will help patients reduce their exposure to the 3 T's, trauma, toxins and thoughts.
  • A weekly email sent to your following that appears as though it's coming from YOU also that includes information about:
    • A specific "table talk" topic that focuses on a condition or health issue chiropractic can help with OTHER than pain
    • Reducing one's exposure to the 3 T's.
  • Daily Facebook posting on your practice business page (that we post for you) Monday through Friday.
    • Monday's post is a specific table talk topic (as mentioned above, focusing on something other than pain)
    • We then build on that topic throughout the week with other posts
    • FB posts include a live video we do on that particular topic, research, blogs, graphics and also information about reducing one's exposure to the 3 T's, trauma, toxins and thoughts.
  • Access to our TRUCHIRO TRIBE membership (valued at $99/month)
    • This gives you access to a content library and regularly uploaded trainings and resources that will help you create a lifetime wellness based practice
    • Also included are weekly table talk topics that you can print to give to patients at the time of their adjustments
    • Access to a private FB group for TRIBE members


You will also have direct access to Tina and I for any support you may need.

Included in this program is access to a private, members only, FB group where you can interact with us at anytime, ask questions and get the support you need to help take your practice to the next level.


The TRUCHIRO TRUTH of Chiropractic Automated Patient Education System is a FRACTION of the cost it would be for you to hire someone to come in and do this for you. Your time is valuable, we want you to spend it adjusting and focused on your patients and let us take care of the education piece.

Educating your patients with the TRUTH of chiropractic on a consistent basis using texts, emails and FB posting is a game changer, and is not only going to help you create the practice of your dreams but help you bring in new patients who "get it" and finally get you off the new patient merry go round!

3 Pricing options

  • go month to month no contracts: $347 monthly
  • commit to a 12 month contract, pay monthly but save money: $297 monthly
  • Pay in full for 12 months and get 10% off: $3200

Sample Texts:

(DRSTEELE) This 59 year old was told by her MD to set an alarm to remind herself to go to the bathroom. This is what she did instead. https://bit.ly/2NNXLyT

(DRSTEELE) What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals.

(DRSTEELE) Research shows that getting adjusted regularly can help you and your family avoid getting a cold or the flu. Ask us how we can help.

(DRSTEELE) Broken Heart Syndrome, Cancer and Chiropractic-What Is The Connection And How Can This Help You With Christmas Stress? https://bit.ly/2YmUefu

(DRSTEELE) It is not happy people who are grateful it is grateful people who are happy.

(DRSTEELE) A study of over 40K people showed those with the highest sugar intake were at 400 percent increase risk of a heart attack. Ask how we can help.

(DRSTEELE) Science shows gratitude helps depression by activating the happiness part of the brain. Chiropractic adjustments activate the same. Get adjusted.

(DRSTEELE) In a study of people suffering from IBS researchers found that chiropractic was more effective than medications. So much more than pain relief!

(DRSTEELE) A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep. BE A LION!

(DRSTEELE) MRI study shows this amount of screen time daily slows brain development in toddlers. Learn what you can do here. http://alturl.com/nvpju

(DRSTEELE) Commonly prescribed medications now shown to increase risk of dementia by 50 percent. There is a better way. Ask us how. http://alturl.com/ajt9s

(DRSTEELE) A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep. BE A LION!

Sample Facebook Posts:

Monday Table Talk Topic Post:

In honor of it February being American Heart Month, let's talk about heart health.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

One person dies of heart disease every 30 seconds.

Someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds.

One in every four deaths is due to heart disease.

Heart disease costs the U.S. around $219 billion each and every year.

Lifestyle choices are a key risk factor for heart disease.


Research shows that chiropractic care can actually reduce high blood pressure and improve heart health.

In fact one study concluded that "regular chiropractic care has the effect of not one, but two blood pressure medications given in combination."

Read this weeks blog post to learn how chiropractic care can help keep your heart healthy and lower your risk for heart disease.

5 Heart Friendly Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Facebook live video sample we do weekly and post on your page:

Digestive issues and how chiropractic can help

Sample Emails:

Screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers

How chiropractic can help with digestive disorders

A better alternative to your child's ear infection

The sweet dangers of sugar

Diabetes and the false beliefs you are being told

Holiday stress and how chiropractic can help

MS and chiropractic


"I just wanted to take some time out to write a testimonial for Dr. Clint and Tina Steele’s Truth of Chiropractic Automated Patient Education System. This is an amazing program for someone looking to transition from a total pain based office to a total wellness based office. I am a doc who has no problem getting people into my doors. I average almost 100NP’s per month. However that means nothing when they leave just as fast as they come in. I would rather see 10NP a month and build some relationships along the way. After Implementing the strategies in this program my pva has definitely gone up. I feel like I am now making a difference in people’s lives. My energy and purpose has gone up 100%.

Thanks Dr. Clint and Tina

- Dr. Ryan Weisgerber

"Not only is this service TRUCHIRO provides great, my patients love it, but I really fell like Dr. Clint & Tina about the chiropractors they are helping and to me that's huge!"

- Dr. Kimberly Griggs

Your Instructor

Dr. Clint Steele and Tina Steele
Dr. Clint Steele and Tina Steele

17 years of practice, 7000 patient files and the day before he decided to quit he still needed more new patients to pay the bills. Stressed out by constantly looking for new patients Dr. Steele decided to give up on chiropractic never to return again. Then 3 years go by and while selling Kirby vacuum cleaners to pay the bills Dr. Steele decided to go back into chiropractic. So...completely broke he started a new practice in a new town but this time it was going to be his way...by sharing the TRUTH of chiropractic with his community. He opened up in a 700 sq foot office space, no employees, 100% cash and went from 0 to 500 patient visits a week in 6 months.

Things got so busy that Tina left her career in higher education to help run the practice, as she has experienced firsthand the benefits of TRUCHIROPRACTIC and is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health. She has her Master's Degree in Higher Education and took over the marketing of the practice, and worked on building a strong social media presence while educating current practice members and their following on the TRUTH of chiropractic. She has several years of experience and research under her belt on the benefits of chiropractic care in addition to her own health significantly improving as a result of care. She loves working with other chiropractors and helping them use Facebook as a marketing tool and education platform to not only grow their practice but transform it into a lifetime wellness based practice. She develops all the content for this program that is helping chiropractors increase their retention, referrals and re-activations and establish themselves as the go to chiropractor in their community.

The practice now has a PVA of well over 100 and together, they are sharing with other chiropractors how to develop a life time wellness based practice for themselves through various training programs as well as their totally unique and innovative PVA 100 Plus Automated Patient Education program which they used to help build their own practice which includes emails, texting and social media education to the doctor's patients that looks as thought it is coming from the Doctor but all the work is done by our the TRUCHIRO team.

This Facebook posting program is a stand alone service they provide that is part of their PVA 100+ Automated Practice Solution.

In addition, they developed an event management system to help them run one of their big events called Wine, Women and Wellness. They are now using this system along with the training to help other docs host their own Wine, Women and Wellness Events to help spread the TRUTH of chiropractic with their own communities.

They also have put together an amazing website which not only educates the public on the truth of chiropractic but then also allows the public to find a chiropractor in their area who practices the TRUTH of chiropractic (we call a TRUCHIRO). A chiropractor who focuses on the nervous system and allowing the brain to communicate properly with the body instead of a chiropractic who just focuses on neck and low back pain.

Please feel free to learn more at www.truchiro.org

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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